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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Harmen Vanhoorne began recording his first solo CD, titled "Fortune's Fool" last weekend. The title track, written by Stan Nieuwenhuis, was performed by Harmen in his winning performances at the British Open Solo Championship and the Ern Keller Memorial Trophy. This new release is special: 95% of the music is newly composed by talented composers.

Harmen VanhoorneTom Davoren wrote a fantastic and exciting opener for the CD, called "Off the Scale", in his usual style in which he combines fast notes with lyrical phrases.

Dr. Peter Meechan is the person who encouraged Harmen to take on this project. Peter wrote the new "Manchester Concertino" for Harmen Vanhoorne, Jess Tedrea and Roger Webster. Besides this three movement work, his cornet solo "Apex" will also feature on the recording. This latter work is the only work not originally written for this CD but is unmissable as it displays the most beautiful sounds of the cornet.

Stan Nieuwenhuis, assistant principal cornet and Harmen's best friend, has written three new works. Stan is a very talented composer who, besides "Fortune's Fool", wrote two very special pieces. The first innovative work is "The Dark Days", where Harmen accompanies himself with guitar pedals and many electronic effects. "Fall from Grace" has a tape accompaniment and goes one step further: Harmen forms a duet with the controversial Libyan leader Mouammar Gaddafi; how he comes back to life is difficult to express in written words ... Fortunately, you will soon be able to listen.

It is very important for Harmen to present a new cornet concerto. So he asked Dr. Nigel Clarke to compose him a new work. The new concerto is called "Mysteries of the Horizon" and draws inspiration from four paintings of Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. The piece has everything a cornet concerto requires: it is incomparable to any other cornet concerto whatsoever and still devotes attention to the many guises the cornet can boast in public. "Mysteries of the Horizon" has a very high degree of difficulty: the bar is raised a bit higher.

The whole project is realised with Harmen's regular band, Brass Band Buizingen, conducted, of course, by Dr. Luc Vertommen. Harmen wants to especially thank Luc not only for the fantastic accompaniment and preparation work, but especially for the great support and trust that he has given to this solo project.

You can expect to get your hands on "Fortune's Fool" by Harmen Vanhoorne and Brass Band Buizingen as from early September.

Luc Vertommen - Nigel Clarke - Peter Meechan - Harmen Vanhoorne - Stan Nieuwenhuis

Luc Vertommen - Nigel Clarke - Peter Meechan - Harmen Vanhoorne - Stan Nieuwenhuis