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Monday, 28 November 2016

For the second year in a row, Brassband Buizingen was crowned champion of Belgium. They will represent Belgium at the 2017 European Brass Band Championship in Ostend.


Brassband Buizingen had to compete with seven other bands. In the morning, the difficult 'Raveling - Unraveling' was programmed and played by all bands. This work, based on 'La Valse' by Maurice Ravel, was composed by Philip Sparke (UK). In the afternoon, all bands played an own choice piece. Buizingen elected the brand new 'Angels and Demons' by Peter Graham (also UK).

After a tense battle, Buizingen won with 97,5% ex aequo with Brass Band Willebroek, favouring Buizingen as winners because of a better result on the set piece.

Philip Sparke, composer of the set piece and president of the jury, began his report on the Buizingen performance with "OMG (Oh My God), that was brilliant! I am speechless!" Nice words coming from this experienced adjudicator and composer.

Brassband Buizingen are very proud on their musicians and conductor Luc Vertommen - as a consequence of this victory, Buizingen can represent Belgium at the 2017 European Brass Band Championships in Oostende, Belgium.

Full results:

  1. Brassband Buizingen (294,00+291,00=585,00) 97,50%** *
  2. Brassband Willebroek (291,00+294,00=585,00) 97,50%*
  3. Noord-Limburgse Brassband (273,00+288,00=561,00) 93,50%
  4. Brass Band Heist (276,00+282,00=558,00) 93,00%
  5. Brass Band Leieland (285,00+264,00=549,00) 91,50%
  6. Festival Brass Band (270,00+267,00=537,00) 89,50%
  7. Brassband Zele (279,00+249,00=528,00) 88,00%
  8. Kortrijk Brass Band (261,00+243,00=504,00) 84,00%

** Qualified to represent Switzerland at 2017 European Championship in Ostend, Belgium
* Denotes set work placing takes presidence

Anybody wanting to see and hear this very fine band is most welcome at the concert in Buizingen on Dec 18 or the annual Valentine's Concert in Halle on Feb 11.